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The Gaia Foundation

The Gaia foundation is a Dutch nonprofit initiative. By collaborating with an international network of developers, the Gaia foundation supports the development and maintenance of the gaia platform.

The foundation foresees a world in which people come together on the gaia platform to establish collaborations on social and humanitarian projects.

The gaia platform enables locals, travelers, donors and brands to directly connect with each other. It allows them to launch projects efficiently and transparently where needed, by using the (local) knowledge and expertise of the local and traveler and the financial support of donors and brands. Want to know more about the gaia platform? Go to and read the blog on Medium!

Meet the team

Benjamin de Kruijf


Benjamin has a background in strategy and marketing, but is first and foremost a creator, autodidact and critical thinker. After having co-founded several companies, he became active as a marketing manager, and later digital strategist, at a technology company. There he came to understand that technology is inevitable, and that it pushes the boundaries of our existence. After years of contemplating the connections between technology and humanity, the pieces of his puzzle started to fall into place and gaia was born. At the end of 2017, Benjamin co-founded in order to fund the Gaia foundation, which he founded in 2018.

Berend Jutte


Berend has two years of work experience as a data scientist and scientist. He is accustomed to using statistical and predictive models, such as emotion modeling and agent based modeling. Berend currently applies his neuroscientific knowledge to everyday technologies in order to create optimal solutions to business related queries. Furthermore, his practical knowledge covers the disruptive field of blockchain implementation strategies. At the end of 2017, Berend co-founded for the purpose of funding the Gaia foundation, which he co-founded in 2018.

Nienke Adegeest

Head of Content

Nienke has a background in fashion management and broadened her academic focus a number of years ago to include economics and entrepreneurship in the cultural industries more generally. She has work experience in the fashion and cultural industries, and co-founded a small-scale company which creates custom-made music. She currently conducts research with regard to the development of the gaia platform, and additionally manages (digital) communication and text editing in the process.

Philip Botros

Head of Data

Philip is a graduate student Artificial Intelligence and currently holds a research position in Machine Learning at the University of Amsterdam. With a keen passion for algorithms and a goal to actively use this technology to make an impact, co-founding the Gaia foundation was a natural step. At the end of 2017, Philip co-founded in order to fund the Gaia foundation, which he co-founded in 2018

Oscar Kemps

Investor relationships

Oscar has a background in economics and marketing, and puts that to use as the CEO and co-owner of the Dutch clothing brand Colourful Rebel. He finds transparency in business, government and NGOs extremely important and is a blockchain maximalist and investor, since he believes that blockchain will be the road to get us there. Furthermore, Oscar has invested in multiple tech startups and is in several shareholders boards. Ever since hearing about gaia his goal has become to do whatever he can to guarantee the potential of gaia. He has immediately donated, becoming our first major donator, contacted his network in search for good connections and more donations, and is actively working on creating new (business) opportunities for the growth of gaia.

The foundation aims to stimulate the creation and improvement of the Gaia platform. Wondering how you can help? Visit and get acquainted with Gaia!